Dog Travel Water Bottle

$20.00 USD

A pet-hydration system that doesn't waste water? Yes please! Keep your dog hydrated with this innovative dog travel water bottle. With one squeeze, water fills the bowl-like attachment and releases back into the bottle when you let go. The tight-lock lid ensures that no water escapes and the bottle is BPA-free.

Suitable for all dogs


Traveling with your dog can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to making sure they stay hydrated. This convenient dog water bottle helps solve all of your water waste problems and won't leak everywhere after your dog finishes with it. With one hand, you can squeeze the bottle and have the bowl attachment fill with water. When you let it go, the water empties out into the water bottle again. The top can be locked for zero leakage and the carabiner that it comes with makes it easy to attach to bags, belts, and leashes.